Admission to Theatre

All students interested in theatre are encouraged to visit Southwestern College and meet the theatre faculty and students, and when possible see a show.

While on campus for a tour, one can also ask about visiting a class to get the experience of being a theatre student here at Southwestern. With a 13-to-1 student to teacher ratio, no one goes unnoticed in a classroom, and sufficient attention can be given to help a student to expand their knowledge, skills and maximize their talents. 

Both Theatre Majors and non-Theatre Majors who are interested in Theatre are encouraged to explore the awards each year. Theatre scholarships are available based on talent, skills, experience, and participation level.

In addition, those who are interested in any major in the Performing Arts division and excel academically should request information regarding the McNeish Performing Arts Scholarship, one of Southwestern College's three premiere scholarships given away each year to incoming freshmen.


All students interested in participation in theatre may apply for theatre scholarships regardless of their academic major.

The acting audition with theatre department faculty can be:

The audition may be either:
1. cuttings from a show that the student has performed in on another occasion
2. specially prepared audition selections
3. formerly prepared forensic selections

An on-site preparation and rehearsal of one or more selections chosen by the faculty. This is a low key, low stress, and fun way of plumbing the students talents and flexibility as we rehearse a selection, trying it several different ways.

Recorded DVDs
Students are always encouraged to visit campus, meet faculty and students in theatre, and examine SC’s environment of support for the arts. If prospective students live at such a distance that they cannot audition with the faculty on campus, the theatre faculty welcome recorded auditions. Please describe in detail the moment in the production that you want to use and identify which character you are playing. (The one in the red dress, black cowboy hat, etc.) Audition recordings will be promptly returned.

Technical Interview
Students interested in technical work should interview and with representive materials or a portfolio.

We encourage students to not stress about the audition. In thirty minutes we can get to know each other and the exciting ways in which we can work creatively together.

For more information on Admission to Southwestern visit the Admissions website.

For answers to your questions concerning the Theatre Arts Department e-mail