Welcome current students, future students, and alumni! I looking forward to my second year at Southwestern. I have made an exciting new change to the program. We will be offering our students the opportunity to concentrate their time at Southwestern in one of the following five different areas, clinical/counseling, forensic, sport, industrial/organizational, or general psychology. This new opportunity will allow each student to spend more time taking courses in the area they plan to have a career in. Students are always welcome to move from one area to another if they change their minds. For more information on these five areas and the classes that are recommended please go to the section of the website marked "areas of concentration". I am offering a new teaching practicum that will allow students who might want to become professors an opportunity to try it out before they commit to this career path. Students in our research apprentice course will start doing research this year with me on topics like first dates, crying, service learning, and maybe hugs! I have lined up our first speaker for the psychology speaker series. Michael Johnson, a sports psychologist working for Kansas State will be giving a talk in November. Check back for further details on the event. Finally, the psychology program is welcoming a new adjunct with a degree from Wichita State, Shoshana Wernick. Check our events page for all upcoming events and Go Builders!

My Best,

Dr. Carrie J. Lane


 Dr. Carrie Lane