Minor Requirements


Minor in Philosophy and Religion

18-hour program consisting of any three of the courses listed for the major plus elective courses in philosophy or religion to be selected in consultation with the department.

Minor in Youth Ministry

In Religion—24 hours:
  124 Introduction to Youth Ministry
  130 Introduction to the Church
  215 Understanding the Old Testament
  216 Understanding the New Testament
  220 Introduction to Christian Theology
  224 Adolescent Spirituality
  459 Practicum in Youth Ministry

Minor in Christian Discipleship Studies

In Religion:
  130 Introduction to the Church
  142 Disciple Bible Study 1
  143 Disciple Bible Study 2
  220 Introduction to Christian Theology
  242 Discipleship
  243 Discipleship
  342 Discipleship
  343 Discipleship
  442 Discipleship
  443 Discipleship

Cognate Requirements in Social Science:
  101 Introduction to Leadership
  330 Service Learning Travel

Minor in Music in Worship

In Religion:
  201 Introduction to the Bible   
  220 Introduction to Christian Theology
  307 Worship Planning
  359 Practicum in Music Worship

Cognate requirements in Music:
  115 Beginning Guitar
  215 Beginning Conducting
  226 Class Piano
  Two hours of private music lessons
  Two hours of large or small ensemble participation