Philosophy & Religion


Sistine Chapel (JPG)

From ages past philosophy and religion sometimes have been understood as partners and sometimes as opponents. At Southwestern College, we recognize the deep and sometimes contentious relationship between the two and seek to foster each and learn from their interactions. Together they make a formidible pairing.  Here at SC we’re looking for students to join us to see that thoughtful engagement with knowledge from the past and knowledge from the present can give us guidance in our complex world. The religion program offers real-life ministry with classroom foundations for seminary or graduate school or for ministry preparation right out of college. Minors in youth ministry and worship leadership successfully impart to students what they need for leadership positions in local churches, mission organizations and charitable agencies. The study of philosophy provides solid preparation in critical and analytical thinking from a broadly Christian framework for graduate school, law school and the marketplace (click here to read these articles about the growing desire to employ philosophy majors...The New York Times April 6, 2008 & The Guardian Nov. 20, 2007 ). Overall, our hope is that if you join us, not only will you become a better employer or employee, but a better human being.






Discipleship Southwestern: At SC this service learning component of the Philosophy and Religion Department sets us apart from other institutions. It is one of the major means by which we practice integration of academic pursuits with everyday life as a student. Please check out the Discipleship mirror website to find out more about the program: or contact Ashlee Alley at or (620) 229-6362.Paolo Veronese, Jesus among the Doctors

For more information about our department contact Jackson Lashier at or 620-229-6066.

*(Artwork--1st: Michelangelo portion of Sistene Chapel 1508-1512, 2nd: Raphael School of Athens 1509-1510 Fresco of Apostolic Palace, 3rd: Paolo Veronese, Jesus among the Doctors, c. 1558 or 1566-67, Oil on canvas, at the Museo del Prado, Madrid, Spain)