Tonebuilders is a musical group of the combined collegiate chapters of the CMENC (National Association of Music Education) and the MTNA (Music Teaching National Association).  Members are encouraged to join at least one professional organization.  This is a great resource for networking that can be drawn upon for a lifetime.


President:  Dylan Moore 

Vice President:  Nathan Bales 

Secretary: Joe Tran

Treasurer: Kaitlyn Holler

Faculty Advisor: Tim Shook

Professional Organizations:




Tonebuilders is also a fun organization that allows ensemble participants to get to know one another.  Tone buiders hosts many events such as trips to symphony concerts in Wichita and Tulsa, community events such as a haunted house in October, and many informal get-togethers.

To join Tonebuilders, a number of participation points are required.  Participation is anything music-related that is on a volunteer basis.  Examples include directing cars in the parking lot during a concert, ushering a concert, etc. 

Constitution of Southwestern College Tone Builders

Article I: Mission Statement
 Tone Builders’ mission is to create and enrich the musical community of Southwestern College.

Article II: Acknowledgement of Members
 Membership and participation are free from discrimination based on race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin or ancestry, marital status, parental status, sexual orientation, disability, or status as a disabled person or veteran.
 The faculty advisor is a non-student member of the organization with all rights and privileges therein except for voting and holding an office.
 Students of Southwestern College are eligible for consideration for membership in this organization. Students must fulfill the following requirements in order to be considered for membership:
Section 1. Traditional Students
 a. Ensemble Participation: Student must be involved in a year’s worth of at least one ensemble. (Two semesters of one ensemble or one semester of two ensembles)
 b. Service Component: Students must fulfill 8 service components during the year that could include, but are not limited to: ushering, page turner, publicity, stage management/crew, door monitor, or some other pre-approved service component.
 c. Atti tude/Commitment Rating (Pillars)
  a. Commitment
  b. Fellowship
  c. Growth
  d. Creativity
 d. Professional Organizations: Music majors must be involved with a professional organization, (MENC, MTNA, ACDA, etc.)
Music Minors should be involved with a professional organization OR take a music credit such as music theory or music history, OR add 2 more service components.
e. Continued involvement: Conference attendance is encouraged.
Section 2. Non-traditional and Transfer Students
a. Ensemble Participation: Transfer students who have met the requirements for ensembles at another school, or Non-traditional students who meet the ensemble requirements from a community or professional ensemble are eligible for membership.
b. Service Component: Transfer and non-traditional students must meet the same above requirements for service to be inducted.
c. Attitude/Commitment – same as above.
d. Professional Organizations: Requirements are the same as for traditional students.
e. Continued involvement: Conference Attendance is encouraged.

Article III. Sustenance of Membership
Section 1. All students must complete the following to sustain membership:
a. Service Component: Students must fulfill 3 service components per semester.
b. Members must stay involved in at least one ensemble per semester.
c. Members must be active liaisons between their professional organization and the Tone Builders.
a. If members are not involved with an organization, they must fulfill two extra service points per semester.
d. If a student does not fulfill the requirements, the executive committee will discuss the membership of the individual. A subsequent meeting with the individual will follow.

Article IV. Terms of Removal     
Section 1. Probationary membership *
a. A student will be placed on probationary status for one semester if the following standards are not met:
a. A member has three or more unscheduled absences from the meetings
  b. A member has not accomplished tasks within the established time (without excuse)
  c. Commitment/involvement in activities earning the student a position are not maintained.
* The decision to ultimately remove a member after the probationary period will be up to the remaining members of the Tone Builders.

Article V. Election of Officers
Section 1. Requirements for eligibility of office
a. Potential officer must be a member of Tone Builders.
b. Must be currently in an ensemble
c. Student must be in or past their third semester at Southwestern
d. Must complete one of the following:
a. Attend at least one professional conference per year
b. No unexcused absences for Fridays at 11:00am
c. Participation in the equivalent of four ensembles since the time a student has been enrolled. (One per semester for four semesters or four ensembles in one semester)

Article VI. Officer duties
Section 1. Duties of the President
a. Lead all meetings (unless ill, in which case VP takes over)
b. Demonstrates leadership skills
c. Encourage people
d. Define group performance standards and hold people accountable
e. Hold a representative position in SGA

Section 2. Duties of the Vice President
a. Help president with meetings
b. Advocacy management (making sure group is recognized, promoting group at school-sponsored events, etc.)
c. Promoting Membership enrollment
d. Encourage people
e. Take leadership position if president is not available

Section 3. Duties of the Secretary/Treasurer
a. Handle monetary accounts (financial report given at each officer meeting)
b. Keep track of minutes
c. Email minutes of meetings to other officers and advisor.
d. Help keep others on track

Section 4. Duties for all officers
a. Create a vision
b. Develop strategies that make things happen
c. Influence people to follow you
d. Empower others to deliver results
e. Align performance goals with strategy

Article VII. Committees
Section 1.  The executive committee is composed of the elected officers of the chapter and has the power to appoint other committees and committee chairs as needed.  Members of committees are to be chosen by their chairs, subject to approval of the Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee shall meet prior to scheduled meetings to discuss business to be brought before the chapter.
Section 2.  The nominating committee is composed of one member from each class or area and is appointed by the executive committee at an early meeting of the spring semester of each school year.
Section 3.  The membership committee contacts students who are interested in and eligible for membership in a professional organization.

Article VIII. Amendments
Section 1. There are no amendments at this time.