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Southwestern College Concert Band
Concert Band






Our Objective...

bandThe Concert Band will study and perform quality literature representing a wide range of musical styles. Participation in the band will allow students to develop their musicianship and idiomatic performance skills. In the course, students will develop musical skills in an environment that encourages both teamwork and leadership. They will discover, prepare, and present fine works for wind ensemble as well as perform contemporary music at selected Moundbuilder athletic events. All students, regardless of career goals, will be afforded the opportunity for cultural enrichment.

Scholarships are available on a competitive basis for incoming students. They are based on auditions held with the faculty. If interested, please contact the Admissions Office or the Music Office.


South Kansas Symphony

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SKS 2013South Kansas Symphony at SC offers students a variety of musical experience in the orchestral field, performing orchestral literature from the classics to pop music. The college owns orchestral instruments such as cello, basses and A clarinets which are available to students enrolled in the orchestra. The group is open to all Southwestern College and Winfield area orchestral musicians.

Season schedule and ticket information at

SKS 2009-2010 Season Brochure (PDF)  


Youth Symphony

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SCYS 2013For 60+ high school and exceptional middle school instrumentalists, the SC Youth Symphony performs 7-9 concerts per season, including a 2010 tour to Branson, MO.

The Southwestern College Youth Symphony has begun its 5th season scheduled for August 2010 - May 2011. Founder and Executive Director Daniel Stevens began the youth symphony to provide musical training and performance opportunities to talented students in South-Central Kansas and Northern Oklahoma. Based upon the model of the Tulsa Youth Symphony, the SC Youth Symphony strives to maintain a rich heritage of classical music in Winfield, Kansas. The SC Youth Symphony encourages students to achieve musical excellence, function as members of a team, and appreciate the talents of peers in the ensemble. Many musicians make lasting friendships with other members of the orchestra.

For more information, contact Daniel Stevens at or 620-229-6113.

 African Drum & Dance Ensemble

Southwestern College Drum & Dance Ensemble

  African Drum & Dance Ensemble The Southwestern College African Drum & Dance Ensemble learns, explores, and shares aspects of Sub-Saharan African music, dance, and culture with the SC campus and community. The SC African Drum & Dance Ensemble is open to any student or community member who wishes to share in the exploration of Sub-Saharan African culture through music.  

For information about joining or to inquire about booking the ensemble for performance, please contact Professor Jeremy Kirk at

Jazz Ensembles

Southwestern College Jazz Combo

Student Loans Jazz Combo


An ensemble focused on the theory and styles found within the historical canon of small group jazz.  Students listen, transcribe, and arrange compositions for the ensemble.  The group performs on and off campus providing professional performance experiences. 



Chamber Ensembles

Williams' String Quartet

Current members of the Quartet are: Ashton Humbert, Brandon Pew, Eva Farid and Jemimah McPeek.