Performance Venues

Richardson Performing Arts Center

Richardson Performing Arts Center

To support the production and presentation of outstanding performances in the arts, Southwestern College has created the new Richardson Performing Arts Center. The centerpiece is the beautifully renovated state-of-the-art auditorium. The renovation provides an exciting showcase for performances by the college’s students, by community and regional performing ensembles, and by visiting performers.

Richardson Performing Arts Center 2

Messenger Auditorium

Messenger Auditorium Wide
Messenger Auditorium is located in the Darbeth Fine Arts Center. It is the home of weekly Chapel on Wednesdays and many performances by the choir, music ensembles, and theatre. The Auditorium may also be used by the teachers of the Community Music School for studio recitals.

Darbeth Fine Arts Center


Darbeth is home to the music and theatre departments, housing classrooms, practice rooms, offices, and the Messenger Recital Hall.

Practice Rooms

Practice Rooms 2011

Darbeth has 10 spacious practice rooms for students to rehearse for upcoming concerts and private lessons.  Each room has a piano which is frequently tuned.  These rooms are also used as teaching studios for the Community Music School.

Rehearsal Hall

Rehearsal Hall

The Rehearsal Hall is the home base for A Cappella Choir rehearsal and Fridays at 11. It is also used as a studio class performance space, and a classroom for the methods classes.  It is also open for general use during its unscheduled hours.


Six studios are located in Darbeth for private lessons. These studios also double as offices for the faculty.

Piano Lab

Piano Lab 2011
The piano lab is located on the top level of Darbeth. There are ten digital upright pianos in the studio as well as an organ, which are utilized by the piano class, and are also available for practice, in addition to the practice rooms.

Composition Lab

Recording Studio 2011
Located in the practice hall, the composition lab is open to composition and recording students.  It is equipped with high-end software and hardware, and serves as a great tool for projects.

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