Degree Requirements

Below are the 4-year plans for the majors that we currently offer in the department. These plans are updated each year and are intended to give the student a roadmap of coursework that would allow them to graduate in four years. If students aren’t able to start at the calculus level an additional year may be necessary.

B.A. in Pure Mathematics
The B.A. in mathematics is a standard major for those students who want to work in industry. Typically students who choose this track are encouraged to double major or find a complimentary minor as well.

B.S. in Pure Mathematics
The main difference between this degree and the B.A. degree is the addition of two advanced courses. This track is intended for those students who wish to pursue an advanced degree in mathematics or other related field.

B.A. Secondary Licensure (6-12)
People interested in teaching mathematics at the high school level have a very tight schedule. This program takes 4 years from the start. It can be difficult to graduate in 4 years if this option isn’t begun from day one.

B.A. Mid-Level Licensure (5-8)
People interested in teaching mathematics at the mid-level grades have a much more flexible schedule. This plan only includes the standard courses and none of the general education requirements.

  • B.A. Mid-Level Licensure 4-Year Plan coming soon

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