Course Descriptions

MATH103 Foundations of Basic Mathematics
Numbers and operations, fractions and operations, decimals, ratio, proportion and percent, introduction to algebra, geometry, measurement, statistics, and problem solving techniques, including the use of technology. Credit 3 hours.

MATH105 Intermediate Algebra
This course deals with fundamental operations, factoring, fractions, positive, negative, zero, and fractional exponents, linear and quadratic equations, systems of linear equations. Students wanting to enroll in this course should normally have successfully completed one year of high school algebra. Questions concerning the adequacy of a student’s preparation for this course should be directed to a member of the mathematics department. Credit 3 hours.

MATH110 College Algebra
This course reviews Intermediate Algebra with more depth in the topics. Also, logarithmic and exponential functions, the binomial theorem, systems of quadratic equations, and matrices and determinants are covered as well. Prerequisites: MATH105 or consent of instructor. Credit 3 hours.

MATH112 Trigonometry
A basic course in plane trigonometry. Prerequisite: MATH110 or consent of instructor. Credit 3 hours.

MATH215 Introduction to Statistics and Probability
Students take this introductory course in order to familiarize themselves with statistics and probability with emphasis on applications. Topics include numerical and graphical displays of data, linear regression, hypothesis testing, and elementary probability, including counting methods, conditional probabilities, and probability distributions. Prerequisite: MATH105 or consent of instructor. Credit 3 hours.

MATH222 Calculus 1
Limits, differentiation, integration of elementary functions with applications. Prerequisite: MATH110 or consent of instructor. Credit 4 hours.

MATH223 Calculus 2
Differentiation, integration of trigonometric, exponential, logarithmic, inverse trigonometric, and hyperbolic functions, techniques of integration, and L’Hospital’s rule. Prerequisites: MATH222 and 112 or consent of instructor. Credit 4 hours.

MATH224 Calculus 3
This course introduces students to iterated integrals, partial differentiation, infinite series, with applications. Prerequisite: MATH223 or consent of instructor. Credit 4 hours.

MATH319 Linear Algebra
A study of matrices, determinants, vector spaces, changes in bases, and linear transformations with applications. Maple computer applications in different topics. Prerequisite: MATH110 or consent of instructor. Credit 3 hours.

MATH320 Introduction to Advanced Mathematics
Develops the concept of theorem proving. Covers induction, fundamentals of set theory and logic, cardinal numbers, partially ordered sets, relations, and functions. Students learn about the introduction to basic structures, to algebra and analysis, and to the history of their development. Prerequisite: MATH222. Credit 3 hours.

MATH321 Ordinary Differential Equations
Solution methods for ordinary differential equations, including series techniques and Laplace transforms, with applications. Prerequisite: MATH224. Credit 3 hours.

MATH331 Foundations of Geometry
A study of axiomatic systems, Euclidean geometry (with emphasis on what should be taught in high school), non-Euclidean geometries, and the history of mathematics. Prerequisite: MATH320. Credit 3 hours.

MATH353 Problems in Mathematical Science
Students, who have demonstrated superior achievement in mathematics, by approval of the mathematics program, may enroll for independent study under the supervision of a faculty in this program. Prerequisite: MATH320. Credit 1 to 3 hours.

MATH444 Abstract Algebra
Study of the classical algebraic systems. Topics include groups, symmetric groups, rings, ideals, quotient rings, and fields. Prerequisite: MATH320. Credit 3 hours.

MATH445 Mathematical Analysis
Introduction to the topology of the real line and to open and closed sets. It includes results concerning functions of one variable, limits of sequences, completeness, compactness, and continuity. Prerequisite: MATH320. Credit 3 hours.

MATH447 Complex Variables
Study of the algebraic properties of complex numbers, complex functions, analytic and harmonic functions, complex integration, and series representations. Prerequisite: MATH320. Credit 3 hours.