What is Leadership Southwestern?

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Leadership Southwestern is a program which emphasizes learning and practice. The leadership team is comprised of approximately 40 members from all different majors and activities at the college. Members learn about team dynamics, personal strengths and weaknesses, ethics and styles of leadership which are then practiced through service. Browse through our pages to better understand our philsophy which incorporates leadership coursework, service work on the campus and in the community, and travel.

Mission Statement

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Vision Statement

As a Team, we are committed to making a positive difference and to leaving an impacting legacy. Recognizing the power of service, we accept the responsibilities of:

  1. Challenging the Process
  2. Inspiring a Shared Vision
  3. Enabling Others to Act
  4. Modeling the Way
  5. Encouraging the Heart

In fulfilling these responsibilities, we will be loyal to and respect each other as we strive to obtain our personal missions.