Student Teaching


Please read completely before filling out forms.

  1. Submit the Application for Admission to Student Teaching
  2. Submit the Student Teaching Placement Request
  3. Submit the Acknowledgement of Student Teaching Requirements
  4. Send the School Personnel Health Form to Lyndsey Sander
  5. Purchase Professional Liability Insurance - may be purchased through KNEA - and send a copy to Lyndsey Sander
  6. Send a copy of your ticket for taking the Praxis II Content Exam to Lyndsey Sander. If test has been taken please send the date it was taken.
  7. Complete your Background Check by going to  Sign in and use the sk39re form.
  8. Print/complete 5(five) copies of the Waiver of Confidentiality Form for file review. If you have a closed file you will not be able to review your file. If you have an open file you will be able to review your file.
  9. Submit five (5) recommendations.  Send one completed copy of the Waiver of Confidentiality Form and a link to the Recommendation for Admission to Student Teaching Form (find appropriate URL link below) to each person. One (1) should be your advisor (Main Campus) or academic success coach (PS) and four (4) should be instructors. If you just do not have four (4) instructors that can complete the form you may use one (1) personal recommendation. Please let your people who are doing recommendations know if you are Main Campus or PS and ask that they use the appropriate form below.

By not having a complete student teacher file you will delay your opportunity to interview. By not being able to interview or interviewing late may cause you to be delayed in your student teaching.


Lyndsey Sander - Professional Studies
Jackie Glasgow - Coordinator of Student Teaching 

GENERAL FORMS (All Students)

MAIN CAMPUS (Winfield)

Files for students enrolled in the Main Campus Student Teaching Program:


Files for students enrolled in the Professional Studies Student Teaching Program: