Computer Science & Digital Arts

  • Computer Science
  • Digital Arts
  • Game Development

The Computer Science and Digital Arts major includes coursework in Computer Science, Digital Arts, and Video Game Development.  Our program offers an up to $4000 New Media Activity grant for students interested in any of the three emphases areas.  The program is also closely allied with elements in the Communication major such as traditional media, print and broadcast journalism, new media, speech, and communication arts.

 Not sure if you should consider Computer Science and Digital Arts in SC?  Take a look at the Why Computer Science page to clear some misunderstanding about the fields.  You may also want to check out the extra-curriculum activities our students participate and see samples of our students' work.     

For a list of latest career/graduate opportunities, check out the Career/Grad School Opportunities page under the division site.

Find out what's going on at this minute in the division Computer Lab through the Live Webcam.

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