Emphasis Areas of Study

The Communication and Computer Science and Digital Arts programs at Southwestern College take into consideration the current trends in business and industry, the competitiveness of the job market, and the level of readiness needed for graduate programs and offer students a program of study to help them meet their career goals. Students' interests, abilities and skills are considered as professors encourage students to challenge the abilities they bring to the program, and offer coursework and activities uniquely suited to students' skills, goals and educational needs. We call these "emphasis areas." There are eight emphases from which to choose in the Communication and the Computer Science and Digital Arts majors (the technology version of "Communication.")

Activity Grants

The Communication program in SC also offers a variety of extra-curriculum activities and Activity Grants (up to $4,000) for students interested in participating in specialized area of work in the Communication programs. Activity Grants are offered in the following areas:

Wondering what communcation is about? Take a look at the "Why Communication?" page for some explanation and see some of our students' work

For a list of latest career/graduate opportunities, check out the Career/Grad School Opportunities page under the division site.

Check out what our students are doing now in the division Computer Lab through the Live Webcam.


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