Business Internship Program at SC

The Southwestern College business division is growing internship possibilities for students majoring in business and business related fields.

According to James McEwen, internship coordinator at Southwestern College, the business division is committed to the idea that business students need to be “real world ready” when they graduate.

“Internships expose students to actual business experiences,” McEwen says. “They take the student out of the classroom to appreciate the practical application of principles and concepts. The business division is developing an internship program that emphasizes the importance of immersion in all types of work environments.”

Twelve local businesses have already developed internships with Southwestern and more than 20 businesses in the area have expressed an interest in finding out more about the project.

“The responses so far to our initial efforts have been tremendous,” McEwen says. 
The Southwestern College business division is extending an open invitation to any private and public entity to coordinate with the internship program. To get started, a business owner should first contact McEwen at (620) 229-6346 or email Over the next few weeks McEwen will be reaching out to businesses throughout the region with the expectation of developing additional internships for Southwestern business majors.

The internship is not limited to any one type of business. McEwen believes there are valuable lessons to be learned in all types of business settings whether it’s in a company with an international presence or home-grown businesses that are critical to the success of the local economy.

“Last year 20 students participated in the internship program,” McEwen says.  “The students earn credit hours towards their business degree and students have an opportunity to develop and improve a skill set that makes them more valuable in the job market.”