Academic Information

Grading System
The college grading system defines the following marks as graded hours and assigns the grade-point values per credit hour shown:

  • A = Exemplary attendance, superior academic achievement, and professional communication skills (A+ or A, 4 points; A-, 3.67)
  • B = Completion of all assigned work with above average quality (B+, 3.33; B, 3; B-, 2.67)
  • C = Completion of assigned work with acceptable performance (C+, 2.33; C, 2; C-, 1.67)
  • D = Inadequate demonstration of acceptable quality work (D+, 1.33; D, 1; D-, 0.67)
  • F = Unacceptable attendance, participation, and/or written work (0 points)

These additional marks are also used but do not designate graded hours and do not impact calculation of a GPA:

  • WD = Withdrawal from a course
  • I = Incomplete work – for additional policies relating to incompletes – please refer to the SC graduate catalog
  • S = Satisfactory work
  • U = Unsatisfactory work

Withdrawal From Courses
A learner may withdraw from a course and receive a grade of WD (withdrawn) until 50 percent of the course has elapsed (e.g. through the forth class of an eight-week session). WD does not influence the grade point average.  Withdrawals after the deadline will result in a grade of F.

Auditing a Course
Auditing consists of attending a class regularly and participation in all activities without receiving credit. Permission to audit a class is granted by the appropriate academic administrator.  Learners auditing a course must register for the course and pay the audit fee.

Registration Change (Drop/Add)
A change of registration is not official until a learner gives written notice to the appropriate graduate program office.

Repeating Course Work
If a learner repeats a course, both the original and repeat grade will be recorded on the official transcript, but only the repeat grade will be used in calculating earned hours and grade point averages, regardless of whether that grade is higher or lower than the original grade. Courses shown in the catalog as repeatable for credit do not fall under this rule.

Cancellation of Courses
Southwestern College reserves the right to cancel any course with an enrollment that falls below the minimum enrollment established by the appropriate academic administrator.   

Academic Probation
After completing 12 credit hours of coursework, a learner must have a minimum GPA of 3.0, no grade below a C (2.0), and positive recommendations by faculty or the learner will be placed on academic probation. The learner will receive notification from the appropriate academic administrator.  Any learner placed on probation is subject to the conditions prescribed by the graduate studies council.

Academic Suspension and Expulsion
Learners who fail to make minimum progress toward the degree and who fail to maintain defined academic standards set by the graduate studies council may be suspended from the college.

After completing 24 credit hours of coursework, a learner must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 with no grade below a C (2.0) or the learner will be suspended from the graduate program.

Learners may expect to have their academic status reviewed more frequently, if the director of the specific graduate program so requests.

Learners who violate professional standards of conduct may also be subject to suspension or expulsion.

The graduate studies council reserves the right to suspend or expel a learner from graduate study for the good of the program and the college, regardless of any published criteria.

Any learner who is suspended has a right to an appeal. A request for appeal should be made by the learner in writing and must be presented to the appropriate academic administrator within two weeks of the date of suspension. Supporting material should be submitted by the learner prior to the appeals meeting. The appeal will be heard by the graduate studies council and the council’s decision shall be final.

Appeal of Grade
Any grade change or appeal for a grade change must be requested within 30 days after the end of the course in which the grade is given. If a learner believes the grade recorded by an instructor is inconsistent with the documentary evidence, an informal discussion with the faculty member is required as the first step of an appeal. If satisfactory resolution is not achieved at this level, the learner may then seek resolution with the appropriate academic administrator which the course is taught. The final step would be to submit a written request for an appeal of a grade to the appropriate academic administrator.    

After receiving the written request, the appropriate academic administrator will meet with the learner to verify an attempt at resolution of the issue through the negotiation process and/or in mediation with the learner and faculty. If it is determined that resolution has not occurred, the academic administrator will request written documentation with rationale from both the learner and the instructor regarding the grade assigned. The appropriate academic administrator will also schedule a hearing with the graduate studies council. The council has the right to interview the learner, the faculty member(s), and other pertinent individuals in an effort to reach a just resolution of this issue. This council will render the final decision on the appeal. Notification of the grade appeal findings will be forthcoming from the appropriate academic administrator.    

This process is followed in appealing sanctions placed on a learner as a result of the academic integrity policy as well.

Taken from: Washburn, KU, WSU, Kansas Wesleyan University catalogs.

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It is further accredited by the University Senate of the United Methodist Church and other accrediting bodies for individual majors.