Builder Fund

The Southwestern College development office focuses on raising money for several projects. One of the most important projects is the Builder Fund, which includes making visits, phonathon, and direct mail. We invite alumni, parents, friends, churches and businesses to renew their Southwestern College ties by making a gift on an annual basis (July 1 – June 30). These gifts make it possible to provide the excellence in education that produces leaders with the courage to make a difference.  An annual gift to the Builder Fund is the most important way an individual can express support for Southwestern College.

Thanks to generous contributions, the Builder Fund provides support for the following:

  • Financial aid to students
  • Technology for classrooms
  • Music and theater programs
  • Athletic programs
  • Faculty enrichment
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Library resources
  • Facility upkeep and renovation

Student Phonathon Program

The Southwestern College Phonathon is part of the Annual Giving program.  It is a great way to connect with fellow alumni, friends, and parents.  The phonathon is staffed by students who directly benefit from the dollars generated through the program.  The callers not only call to ask for support, but to thank donors for the great opportunities and experiences they are receiving at Southwestern.

The phonathon center, located in the basement of the Christy Administration building, comes alive during the fall and spring semesters when students gather to call individuals across the United States.  These student callers have various backgrounds and interests but are united by the commitment to continue excellence at Southwestern College.

Please consider the value of providing this tradition of excellence to future generations.  Your gift to Southwestern offers the opportunity to touch a student’s life in a direct, immediate and lasting way.